Review Helpful vivo y12 – An In Depth Look at the Power Saver


Vivo Y12 Smartphone was launched in late May 2021. This phone from Vivo is equipped with a powerful dual-core Helio processor. It also has a 4.3-inch capacitive touch screen, which is available with a smooth and glossy finish. You can download the Android operating system from the Samsung website. This phone also features a single USB port, support for UMDI format, Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, MMS, and HD voice support.

The specifications of this phone are very impressive, and one can say that it is like looking at a modern Notebook. Vivo has incorporated the Android 9 operating system, so all the existing apps can be used on this handset. As far as the camera is concerned, the Vivo Y12 in the rear packs a 8-apixel primary cam with a f/2.2 lens; a 13-mp front-facing cam with a pixel-smoothing anti-reflective vivo y12 lens; and a 2.0-inch secondary camera. The secondary camera has an enhanced zoom feature. The resolution on this camera is therefore quite good.

For all its brilliance, the vivo y12 has been criticized for its slow battery. But this problem was solved by the manufacturers, who have included an external charge adapter, in order to make the battery life of this phone last long. Another problem that was observed was the absence of navigation keys on this phone. However, this problem too was solved by the manufacturer, who has provided a pair of capacitive navigation keys in the handset. The problem of missing applications is yet another area in which this handset scores poorly. Nevertheless, it has been able to beat many phones in this category because of its cleaner interface and superior screen.

The built-in power saving technologies are one of the main features of the vivo y12, which uses energy-saving modes only when it is needed. When you consider battery life of smartphones, you would find that the power-saving technologies are extremely important for the long-term performance of the smartphone. There are some phones which have advanced power saving technologies, which perform well even under extreme conditions, but the vivo y12 includes one of the most advanced power saving technologies. This enables this smartphone to power down when it is not in use, and then turn back on again when you want it to use it again.

The other major advantage of the vivo y12 is that it has a single rear camera, which can be compared to the one found in the iPhone. This means that this smartphone can replace the camera of an iPhone. The review helpful Nokia E71 Plus review highlights that the single camera has enabled Nokia to introduce some unique image processing applications. These innovative applications are unique to the handset and provide an interesting way to use the smartphone.

In the review helpful Nokia E71 Plus, we also find out that the vivo y12 comes with a battery backup. It allows the user to take a backup of the vital data before use. The size of the battery backup is such that it can replace all the internal memory of the smartphone. As a result, it does not matter whether the smartphone runs on the android platform or the IOS platform, as the battery backup will work across all of them. In short, this smartphone has all the advantages of the high end handsets in the market, but it comes at a price.